Aluminum Siding Painting

Aluminum Siding Painting

House Painter Wearing Facial Protection Spray Painting A Deck of A Home.Do you have an aluminum sided house?  Has it started to oxidize or looked a little weathered? If this is the case, then it is the right time to consider painting aluminum siding as with today’s latest techniques and finishes for refinishing aluminum siding, it can certainly leave your siding looking completely brand new again. Most of the home owners are not aware that their weathered aluminum siding is actually an excellent facade for re-painting.

So, if your aluminum siding is discolored, chalking, faded or has just begun to look quite dull then it doesn’t always need to be replaced.  You can also repaint it. When done in an appropriate manner, it can make your aluminum siding look very beautiful and that too for a lot less cost.

Akron Painting Company’s aluminum siding refinishing services are a cost effective and viable solution to aluminum siding replacement and will save you a fortune. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, the options are endless when it comes to finishing your aluminum sided home.With Our Aluminum Sided painting services, we can paint the following:

  • Aluminum Sided Commercial Buildings
  • Aluminum Sided Houses
  • Aluminum Sided Storage Sheds
  • Aluminum Sided Barns

At Akron Painting Company, the Aluminum Siding Painting Process is comprised of the following steps:

  • Removing all fixtures and shutters
  • Free color consultation
  • Applying the power washing and proper detergent to all the areas that needs to be painted
  • Caulking around doors, windows, trim as required
  • Tarpingand Masking as required to make sure that the paint goes where it is supposed to

Whether it is a whole-house painting or an accent wall, our professional painters will give the interior of your office or house a professional touch of design. Our talented Akron painting contractors are dedicated to providing the best quality finished product and completing the task in a timely manner.

Akron Interior Painters

At Akron Painting, we will take absolute care of the interior of your house.  Starting an interior painting project in your house is a wonderful way to not just express your personality, but also to increase the value of your home. No doubt, interior painting is a huge task, thus to achieve painting success, this task needs to be done in the most appropriate way. An excellent interior paint job needs more than just a bucket of paint and a brush if you want to get good looking results.

Akron Painting provides both interior as well as exterior painting services. We specialize in commercial and residential interiors. When you hire Akron Painting as your interior painting contractor you will receive experienced guidance regarding pain selection, color selection, types of finishes and preparation.

Selecting the best procedures, using the right surface finishes, and having experienced painters with their expert techniques will make all of the difference. Our company makes sure to enhance the value of your house and make an amazing impression on every person who enters the house.

Outdoor House Painters

Akron Painting also offers exterior painting services. Our expertise and techniques in surface preparation outshine standard procedures. Commercial and Residential clients are delighted that they select the Akron Painting for its extraordinary standards in priming, prep work, and perfect finish coat. We have latest product knowledge to assure you of a perfect paint job that will be sure to endure, please and add real value to your office or house.

Your house may be heritage, contemporary or historic; your project may be one side of a building or house, or the entire exterior. It does not matter whatever your requirement is, we offer a comprehensive and highly personalized exterior paint service with custom painting solutions to meet your particular needs.